Production and final finishing



Data preparation for the printing process is the responsibility of our expert team of media designers. The prepared data are sent to customers, and they are only printed upon approval from the customer.

Screen stencil


We achieve the greatest accuracy in reproduction of detail and sharpness of contours in our printing stencils by means of our modern technical equipment. Superior preparation calls for application of our automatic coating system.

Colorimetric methods


Colours are formulated by our advanced computerised colour mixing system, which even facilitates rapid, accurate mixing of special colours. In this way we can solve the most difficult design tasks.



Our machinery pool consists of various screen printing machines with 1200 mm x 1100 mm maximum printing format. In the UV digital printing area we possess computer controlled UV digital printing machines for reels and sheets.

Final finishing


We offer the following final finishing options: embossing, sticker lamination, collation, stamping, plotting and laser cutting.

Quality control


Our quality control experts check all products both during and after production. These checks include ink adhesion and printing quality.


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