Membrane keyboards directly from the manufacturer

Membrane keyboards and their advantages

Membrane keyboards are applied across a number of areas ranging from control units for domestic devices to highly sensitive medicine to extremely resilient controls for production lines and machines. Technical and creative demands of a foil keyboard are very high, and we are happy to offer you the best solutions.


  • customized design
  • low installation height
  • tactile feedback for key confirmation
  • rugged and durable
  • resistant to most chemicals
  • resistant to dirt, dust and water

Membrane keypad structure options

A membrane keypad can be built according to the cust­omer's requirements. It can contain not only snap domes, but also light diodes and slide-in pockets. Depending on the structure, it can have a height of approx. 0.9 to approx. 2.0 mm.

Aufbau einer Folientastatur, einzelne Folienschichten Roos GmbH



Front membrane

  • resistant to most chemicals
  • individually configurable

Retaining membrane

  • fixes the installed metal snap domes

Spacer foil for switching level

  • self-adhesive spacer
  • positioning of the snap domes

Switching layer

  • printed electronic circuit
  • equipped with metal snap domes

Spacer foil for LED level

  • self-adhesive spacer
  • insulation of upper and lower switching foils

LED layer

  • printed electronic circuit
  • equipped with single and multicolour LEDs

Base adhesive

  • lower adhesive layer for fixing the membrane keypad

Customized front membrane design

The front foil design can be configured specifically for the customer or CI-linked. It is exactly reproduced according to your input by means of screen printing or digital printing. Of course, printed viewing panels, transparent colours, fade-effects and night design can be im­ple­mented without problems.

Foil keyboard without snap dome

In the keyboard two conductor foils are incorporated with a spacer. The lower foil has conductor tracks equipped with a button. The upper foil is equipped with conductive contact points lying immediately above the button. If the foil with the contact point is pressed down, the circuit is closed.


Folientastaturen ohne schnappscheiben

Folientastaturen mit Schnappscheiben

Foil keyboard with snap dome

Membrane keyboards with snap domes enable better tactile responses. When the key is activated, the metal snap dome is pressed down and it completes the circuit with two conductor tracks. In order to achieve greater tactile properties, key panels can be stamped in the design foil. For this reason we offer snap domes with various printing strength and sizes.


Slide-in technology for customer or country-specific marking

Depending on customer or country-specific marking, spe­cial insertion pockets can be worked into the key­board. With the help of printed strips a foil keyboard like this can be quickly and easily individualised.


Folientastaturen mit Einschubstreifen

Folientastaturen mit Schnappscheiben und LEDs + Folientastaturen mit Schnappscheiben und-LEDs auf einer Ebene

Membrane keyboards with integrated LEDs

Super-thin LEDs, only 0.5 mm thick, are used to display the optical status. You have the option between one or multiple colours in your LED. For this purpose, an addi­tional switching level with LEDs placed on it, is in­corpo­rated into the membrane keypad. In order to reduce the installation height, the switching surfaces for snap domes and LEDs can, under certain conditions, be accom­mo­dated on one switching foil.


Shielding against EMI and ESD

To prevent electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and electro-static discharge (ESD) the membrane keyboard can be equipped with shielding foils.

Reconstruction of damaged membrane keypads in short-run production

The failure of operating and input components can be caused by short-circuits, wear or similar problems. It is in such cases often impossible to simply repair the control panel. For this problem we have a simple solution. Thanks to our long experience, we are able to use your data or faulty design to produce an entire new membrane keypad complete with membrane switches

Connecting lug of a membrane keypad

Connection is made via a flexible foil cable with optional plug.

Together with you, we develop and produce solutions tailored to your area of application.


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