Print Finishing

We will give your print media a very individual touch with our high-quality print enhancement. Glitter coating, structured coating, perfumed coating or photochromic ink — your marketing actions and advertising materials will impress with their uniqueness.



Video – Print Enhancement

Our short video grants you a small insight into the manufacturing process of print enhancements..


Our Range of Effects

Our range of effects includes optical, haptic, perfumed and functional enhancement effects. We are well equipped for special requests and are happy to take on new projects and challenges. Our years of experience in the industry in the field of print enhancement ensure a fascinating result even from unusual ideas


Gloss varnish 

Matt varnish

Drop varnish 

Glitter coarse 

Glitter fine 

Holographic ink

Interference ink

Neon colour ink


Soft touch varnish  
Texture varnish fine 
Texture varnish rough
Texture varnish coarse 
Relief varnish


Scratch and sniff gingerbread 

Scratch and sniff coffee


Phosphorescent ink 

Scratch-off silver

Thermochrome ink 

Photochromic ink


Sample Fan

For all the curious and project planners looking for inspiration, we have developed a sample fan full of unique enhancement effects. Here we have collected fascinating examples of print enhancement technology. You can request the fan from us by e-mail info@roos.gbmh.


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