Customized sign systems

Signs for every application

We print all types of signs for indoor and outdoor use: construction, type or marking signs, orientation boards, door/advertising signs and displays. Perfect printing quality, luminous colours and flawless work are de rigueur for us, since a sign is often the first impression for your customers and visitors.

From material selection to individual design

Plate materials

Depending on location and weather conditions we offer a great variety of plate materials for your selection: aluminium composite, hard PVC, Plexiglas, polycarbonate, PVC hard foam, polystyrene and stainless steel.


Signs in direct printing

Direct print with resolution of up to 1270 dpi guarantees unique detail reproduction. By using special screen printing inks, we ensure the overprint is scratch-proof and light fast with good resistance to weathering.


Label marking

We mark signs with a format exceeding the dimensions fixed for direct printing or which cannot be printed directly because of special requirements with individually tailored special foils. With this purpose we use either high-performance coloured foil or digital printing foil with great durability and weather resistance for indoor and outdoor areas. For outdoor use the foil inscriptions can be given a protective laminate. 



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