In April 1975 Peter Roos and his wife Anna founded the company Siebdruck Roos in Rehling near Augsburg. In a mere five years demand for high-end printing products rose so steeply that in 1980 production had to be moved to a larger production unit. Since company headquarters in Rehling were not suitable for extension, the company moved in 1988 to its current location in the Augsburg-Lechhausen industrial zone.


Nowadays the company offers alongside classic screen printing products customer solutions such as flexible circuits, mem-brane keyboards and touchscreens. This change in product portfolio led to the company being renamed from “Siebdruck Roos GmbH” to “Roos GmbH”.


Before the move to Augsburg the company boasted ten employees, but in the meantime 26 well-trained employees have found a permanent position in the company. We place considerable emphasis on in-house and external training and further education for our team, and thanks to their ideas and innovations our production process is continually being optimised. 



The future looks bright for the company. Management was taken over by the com-pany founder’s son, so since 2014 Christian Roos has been in charge of the company.

Christian Roos states:

“Our company culture and years of experience underlie our success. Our practice is to build on our know-how in the areas of screen and digital printing, offering our customers total high-end solutions.”


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