Printed flexible sensors

How are printed sensors manufactured?

We develop and produce printed electronic sensors. Using screen printing processes and additive finishing processes, we realize customer-specific printed sensors based on foils. Foil sensors are built on a foil substrate usually an ultra-thin plastic film. The base foil can be selected according to the area of application. The conductive tracks are printed and insulated on the foil substrate using a screen printing process. In the following finishing process, the foil sensors can be equipped with an adhesive layer, laminated and be cut to size. 


Structure of printed foil sensors

Areas of application for printed sensors

Printed electronic sensors have already gained a foothold in many application areas. From consumer electronics and healthcare to the automotive industry, from smart packaging to construction, printed sensors are finding their application in many products and industries.



Growth in the printed electronics sector

The global market for printed electronics continues to grow at a rapid pace. The continuous development of printable conductive inks, conductive materials and printing processes are driving this growth. The innovative printing materials adhere excellently to plastic films as well as other flexible materials. This makes it possible to produce electronic elements and sensors that not only save space, but are also flexible, flat and bendable. 


We support you in the development of printed electronic sensors for your field of application.


Construction of customized printed sensors based on foils: conductive tracks, isolation, adhesive, Contour cutting
Conductive tracks, Isolation, Adhesive print, Contour cutting


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