Printed plastic and chip cards

Extensive range of plastic and chip cards for every application

Make the most of our extensive chip card range: con­tact­less and contact-based chip cards, cards with magnetic strips and signature spaces and simple printed plastic cards in standard format according to ISO-Norm 7816 of 85.60 mm x 53.98 mm. The cards are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that is suited to upheld high demands. Plastic cards can be ordered in basic white. We are happy to provide other colours upon consultation.

An overview of our cards:

Contact-based chip cards

Contact-based chip cards find their application in the most varied areas as insurance cards, staff access cards, cus­tomer cards etc. The bearer has a chip module pro­vid­ing for read­ing and writing ex­clu­sively by phys­i­cal contact of the chip card with a special reader via spec­i­fied con­tact sur­faces. The position of the contacts is governed in­ter­na­tion­ally by ISO 7816. We offer you chip cards either with sim­ple writable mem­ory chip or with highly complex microprocessor chips.


Coded contact-based chip cards individually printed

Coded contactless RFID chip cards (transponder cards) individually printed

Contactless RFID chip cards (transponder cards)

Because of their high degree of user-friendliness RFID cards are used for instance as time logs, ski tickets or laun­dry cards. Data transfer between chip card and reader is per­formed without contact with the aid of electro-magnetic waves over distances up to a few cen­time­tres. The small RFID chip is worked into the plastic card as a sep­a­rate layer, which makes it resistant to wet, dirt and mechanical impact.


Cards with magnetic strips

We also provide you plastic cards with magnetic strips. The magnetic strip can store coded information that is then read by matching read­ers. Magnetic strips differ in terms of the magnetic flow density they are coated with. We offer both low coercivity (LoCo) and high co­er­civ­ity (HiCo) magnetic strips.

Coded cards with magnetic strips individually printed

Individually printed and coded

Printing on cards

Printing can be either one- or dual-sided. Cards are printed mono- or multi-coloured in the CMYK colour sys­tem and sealed with a protective layer.



Our modern printing machines are in a position to print pho­tos, gradations and fine motives. We can personalise your plastic cards and number them sequentially, using either laser engraving or overprint.



Since we are a full-service-provider we also arrange for you coding of RFID chips, microprocessor cards and cards with magnetic strip.



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