Front panels

Front panel printing - durable and high resolution

Front plates and front panels are the face of an appliance. The markings can include logos, appliance type and name, designation of operating com­po­nents and scales. These markings have to be properly legible during the life of the appliance, even if it is exposed to impact damaging during operation. In this situation screen printing on front plates produces durable, high-resolution results.

Individually designed front plates and front panels


Screen printing allows virtually all materials to be directly printed: glass, metal, plastic and wood.


Screen printing colours

In our in-house colourmetrics department the colours are mixed exactly in accordance with your wishes. Paint mix­tures according to HKS, RAL and Pantone are possible. Front plates can be printed in mono- and multi-colours and have high chemical-resistant and scratch-proof qual­i­ties. 


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