Shielding foils

Shielding to protect against EMI and ESD

The performance of electronic appliances can be im­paired by electro-magnetic interference or static charges. We manufacture shielding foils to pre­vent electro-magnetic interference (EMI) and electro-static discharge (ESD).

Membrane keyboard shielding

Polyester foil with copper or aluminium coating

The specially-coated foil is cut to customer requirements and fitted with openings. It shields over the entire surface and is embedded un­der the design foil of the foil key­board.

Shielding of window areas with transparent ITO foil

The window area of a foil keyboard needs to remain trans­par­ent for the displays and underlying indicators, so it cannot be protected by the above-mentioned shielding foils. In order to protect this window area, we use an ITO foil (indium/tin oxide-coated foil). It is possible to com­bine ITO shielding with the above-mentioned shielding foils.

Polyester foil with lattice printing made of conductive silver

Using screen printing polyester foil is printed with a con­duc­tive silver lat­tice. The mesh width can be adjusted. Display and LED windows are omitted.

Pure copper foil

When it comes to shielding electro-magnetic radiation, pure copper foil may be used. This foil demonstrates bet­ter contact and conducts in all directions.


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