Printed electronics based on Carbon-Nanotube-Hybrids

Carbon Nanotube Technology

Innovative inks and film materials for printing electronic components are driving growth in the field of printed electronics. Inks and foil materials based on carbon nanotube technology (CNT technology) and silver nanoparticles have the potential for use in conventional electronic components. At Roos GmbH, we develop and manufacture transparent conductive solutions for various flexible electronic products in close cooperation with customers. 

Example of flexible electronic products

Smart surfaces, flexible touch panels, adaptable transparent antennas and transparent heaters are just some of the solutions based on the innovative materials with CNT technology.

Conductive foils based on CNT technology for touch solutions

Flexible touch solutions

Touch solutions are preferred by many users for interaction with electronic devices. CNT film providing the perfect transparent conductive base for touch sensors, screens, buttons or displays, as well as for the latest developments in smart surfaces. They are flexible, foldable and even thermoformable.

Transparent Printed Antennas

Antenna shape, material composition, or placement within a package can affect the performance and ultimate success of the end device using the antenna. Design and integrate a working antenna without compromising it or its performance. Integrate transparent, flexible antennas into devices, lighting fixtures and other furnishings - even windows, with cnt-hybrids.

Screen printing of antennas on flexible conductive foils

Production of transparent, flexible heating foils using screen printing

Transparent electric heating foils

Cameras with optical sensors used for collision avoidance, inspection, and process control must remain active in both good and harsh weather. Therefore, it is essential to keep their field of view free of ice, rain and condensation. The transparent CNT hybrid material is the only commercially available material that can provide the required thermal density without wires.


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