Stickers, signs, inspection tags

Customized stickers through screen printing and digital printing

We manufacture high quality stickers using the screen printing and digital printing process: advertising stickers, no­ti­fi­cation stickers, inspection tags and labels. Screen printing is the best choice for large runs and special requirements. Because of their long life of more than ten years screen printing stickers are the best advertising medium for inside and outside use. They are non-fading, scratch-proof and water-resistant. Stickers in small and medium batches are produced using UV digital printing process. Our UV hardening inks guarantee brilliant colour re­pro­duc­tion, high scratch-resistance and excellent weather resistance.

Sticker configuration

Foil material

We offer monomer, polymer and cast high-performance foil in various colours with various adhesive properties. Depending on the purpose, self-adhesive foils with per­ma­nent or removable adhesive can be used.


Protective laminate

In addition, digital printing stickers can be enhanced with protective laminate to ensure the stickers are well pro­tected against mechanical impact such as scratches and damaging UV radiation.


Final finishing

Special requirements such as gripping brackets and slit­ting are no problem for us. If required, the stickers can be plotted on a sheet or even individually stamped or cut.



For decorative purposes your stickers and signs using screen printing or digital printing processes can be fin­ished with special colours and varnishes.


Doming stickers

Resin doming stickers have a decorative three-di­men­sional surface coating. It comes from a special dual-component polyurethane coating made of synthetic resin and curing agents. The resin coating ensures the stickers not only have an exclusive look, but are effectively pro­tected against shock, scratches, UV and weather in­flu­ences.


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