Quality management and environmental management

Products of the highest quality

The quality of our products is highly dependent on the qual­ity of materials used. In an effort to ensure pro­cure­ment quality, our suppliers are carefully selected ac­cord­ing to specified fea­tures and assessed on the basis of quality inspection and order processing reports.


During manufacture we continually subject our products to interim checks and measurements. Before transfer to the warehouse we perform comprehensive quality control of finished products based on visual and functional fea­tures. These measures enable us to deliver products of particularly consistent high quality.


In order to implement company policies and realise cor­po­rate targets, 1998 already saw us obtain our first DIN EN ISO 9001:1994 certification. In the meantime this norm was revised in line with higher market expectations and significantly extended. It goes without saying that Roos GmbH fulfils these new norm provisions, and the company is certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 norm.

Environmental management at Roos GmbH

We are certified under DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 envi­ron­men­tal management norm and we undertake to comply with all environmental protection legislation and pro­vi­sions in force. We support environmental-friendly pro­duc­tion, packaging and disposal. This involves us keeping envi­ron­men­tal burdens such as refuse, sewage and emis­sions as low as possible, avoiding dangerous substances and ensuring sustainable handling of resources.


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