We print housing frames and various mouldings according to your individual ideas using screen printing processes.

Impressively direct - screen printing on housing parts and front panels



The versatility of the screen printing process is reflected in an impressive range of possible applications. One of these is direct printing on enclosure parts and front panels.

The requirements for markings, labelling and designs on housings, front panels, control panels, type plates and other moulded parts are very high for both industrial and household appliances. 

35 years of loyalty and commitment



Today is a special day as we celebrate the 35th company anniversary of one of our valued colleagues! Since 1 April 1989, Sandra has contributed to the success and growth of our company with her commitment and extensive expertise as Head of the Colourimetry department. Sandra has experienced the changes and developments in our company at first hand and her commitment and adaptability helped us to keep the pace of the times.

Christian Roos congratulates on 35 jears in the company

fitforJOB! Trade fair in Augsburg. Roos GmbH offers apprenticeships.

fitforJOB! 2024 - Print your future!



Under the motto "Print your future" we were last Saturday, 09.03.2024, at the fitforJOB! trade fair in Augsburg. In personal discussions with our trainers and our managing director, numerous visitors had the opportunity to get to know the professions in the media industry and see the quality of our dual apprenticeship programme for themselves.

Temporary protective coatings for industrial applications



Scratches, abrasion and dirt on component surfaces cause high scrap rates, costs for time-consuming rework and additional material expenses. Special intermediate layers and particularly non-slip packaging materials can reduce the traces of mechanical stress and dirt, but rarely completely eliminate them. Optimum protection is provided by a self-adhesive protective film, which can be partially bonded to the surface to be protected. However, application is associated with additional time and effort.

Advantages of screen printable protective coatings -

Roos GmbH welcomes its new apprentices

New team members - Welcome!



The first of September is a very special date for us every year: The new trainees are here!

Today, 3 new team members start their apprenticeship as media technologists for screen printing. A new phase of life lies ahead of them, an exciting time full of new experiences. 

Training company of the year 2023



Good apprenticeship pays off - for the apprentices and for the company! For many years now, we have not only been securing the future of our company by training junior staff, but also offering the young generation the best career prospects in the professions of media technologist screen printing (m/f/d) and media designer digital and print specialising in design and technology (m/f/d).

Roos GmbH is awarded as apprenticing company of the year 2023

In addition to laminated adhesive sheets, we also use screen-printable adhesives for efficient finishing of technical screen-printed products.–

Screen-printable adhesives - efficient finishing for long runs



Technical screen-printed products such as front foils and sensors can be provided with a variety of adhesives during the manufacturing process. Adhesive application can be done as a separate step after the printing process by laminating a stamped or plotted adhesive sheet onto the printed sheet by machine. 

fitforJOB! - fit for Future!



After an exciting day at one of the largest career information fairs in Swabia, the fitforJOB! in Augsburg, we are happy with the results! Our booth was very well attended. The school students and parents showed a lot of interest in the professions of the media industry and in the three-year dual vocational apprenticeship we offer. We had many interesting conversations and look forward to seeing many applicants and meeting them again soon for an interview at our company.

Christian Roos and apprentice media technologist screen printing at fitforJob! Trade Fair in Augsburg


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