Temporary protective coatings for industrial applications



Scratches, abrasion and dirt on component surfaces cause high scrap rates, costs for time-consuming rework and additional material expenses. Special intermediate layers and particularly non-slip packaging materials can reduce the traces of mechanical stress and dirt, but rarely completely eliminate them. Optimum protection is provided by a self-adhesive protective film, which can be partially bonded to the surface to be protected. However, application is associated with additional time and effort.

Advantages of screen printable protective coatings -

Roos GmbH welcomes its new apprentices

New team members - Welcome!



The first of September is a very special date for us every year: The new trainees are here!

Today, 3 new team members start their apprenticeship as media technologists for screen printing. A new phase of life lies ahead of them, an exciting time full of new experiences. 

Training company of the year 2023



Good apprenticeship pays off - for the apprentices and for the company! For many years now, we have not only been securing the future of our company by training junior staff, but also offering the young generation the best career prospects in the professions of media technologist screen printing (m/f/d) and media designer digital and print specialising in design and technology (m/f/d).

Roos GmbH is awarded as apprenticing company of the year 2023

In addition to laminated adhesive sheets, we also use screen-printable adhesives for efficient finishing of technical screen-printed products.–

Screen-printable adhesives - efficient finishing for long runs



Technical screen-printed products such as front foils and sensors can be provided with a variety of adhesives during the manufacturing process. Adhesive application can be done as a separate step after the printing process by laminating a stamped or plotted adhesive sheet onto the printed sheet by machine. 

fitforJOB! - fit for Future!



After an exciting day at one of the largest career information fairs in Swabia, the fitforJOB! in Augsburg, we are happy with the results! Our booth was very well attended. The school students and parents showed a lot of interest in the professions of the media industry and in the three-year dual vocational apprenticeship we offer. We had many interesting conversations and look forward to seeing many applicants and meeting them again soon for an interview at our company.

Christian Roos and apprentice media technologist screen printing at fitforJob! Trade Fair in Augsburg

Advantages of flexible printed circuits.

Printed flexible circuits in electrical connection technology



The application of flexible printed switching foil opens up a wide range of innovative applications. The range of applications extends from high-tech devices to input systems from medical technology and industry to end-user devices. 

The screen-printed electrically conductive foil sector is continuing to grow. 

Successful ISO certification!



Roos GmbH stands for quality and environmentally conscious action. This is also reflected in the successful performance of audits and the constant recertification. As a result of a successful double audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 we have been re-certified. The Roos team meets all required quality standards, so that no deviations could be found. 

Roos GmbH again certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 & DIN EN ISO 14001

Roos GmbH welcomes its new apprentices

Welcome to the team



Welcome to the team! For young people, an apprenticeship marks the beginning of a new phase in their lives, and we are pleased to be able to accompany them on this way. This year, we also welcome our new apprentices in the fields of media technology screen printing and media designer digital and print specializing in design & technology. 

Cutting of technical foils, membrane switches and stickers



The interplay of modern printing technologies and professional finishing techniques completes the individual print product. We have complete in-house production and finishing facilities and are therefore able to produce everything from a single source. Depending on the material specification and print run, we bring all materials into the desired shape by punching, plotting or laser cutting.

Laser cutting of front foils and membrane keyboards –

Stickers in screen printing, starting from medium and large-scale print runs

Stickers in the screen printing or digital printing process



Stickers are one of the most important components in the industrial and advertising sector due to their versatile and universal use. The sticker production process which is the best for your requirements depends entirely on the respective intended use. Here at Roos GmbH, we offer you a wide choice of different stickers in both screen printing and digital printing.

Front membranes - the real change artists



The areas of application of membrane keyboards and front membranes range from medical technology to de­vice and systems construction, and right up to industry electronics. Each area of use has its own requirements in terms of the functionality and design of the input unit. In accordance with your set of requirements, we make use of the screen printing and digital printing options when pro­du­cing the front membranes, and can also offer you the most varied of further processing and shaping tech­no­lo­gies.

Front membranes in screen printing and digital printing with the application of a wide range of finishing and forming techniques

We have found our apprentice 2021

We have found him – our new apprentice for 2021



For many young and motivated people, 1st September marks the start of a new chapter in their lives: it is the day that they embark on an ap­pren­tice­ship. We are pleased to be part of this story and would like to welcome our new apprentice to our company today. He is start­ing his ap­pren­tice­ship in our company in the role of Digital and Print Media Designer Specialising in Design and Technology. During his three-year apprenticeship, he will work in all the relevant de­part­ments in our company and partake ac­tively in our day-to-day business. From his first day at work until the day of his final exam, he will enjoy the sup­port of our training team.

Antimicrobial screen print varnishes for protection against bacteria and viruses



These days, hygiene is more important than ever. For this reason, many users are wondering whether it is possible to keep screen print products per­ma­nently sterile in the working environment. Our answer is: YES! 


Generally speaking, there are two available options. One of them is the use of materials with an antimicrobial coating, about which we have reported before here. The second option is the use of antimicrobial screen print varnishes. These varnishes reliably and permanently elim­inate pathogens and have a lasting effect on the hygienic properties of your products.

Front foil printed with an antimicrobial screen printing varnish

Printed electronics based on CNT technology

We are expanding our range of printed electronic products



Roos GmbH is expanding its capability to produce printed electronic products thanks to the CNT hybrid platform from CHASM. It means the company is able to offer its customers a wide range of trans­parent, conductive elec­tronic solutions.

Delivery reliability in the times of the pandemic



The Corona virus has influenced our private and pro­fes­sional lives for months. At Roos GmbH we protect our employees with strict hygiene and conduct measures and prevent any supply shortages in this way.

The health and wellbeing of our employees is the top priority, alongside the promise to our customers regard­ing delivery reliability and deadline adherence.

Roos GmbH – your reliable supplier


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