Temporary protective coatings for industrial applications

Advantages of screen printable protective coatings - roos.gmbh

Scratches, abrasion and dirt on component surfaces cause high scrap rates, costs for time-consuming rework and additional material expenses. Special intermediate layers and particularly non-slip packaging materials can reduce the traces of mechanical stress and dirt, but rarely completely eliminate them. Optimum protection is provided by a self-adhesive protective film, which can be partially bonded to the surface to be protected. However, application is associated with additional time and effort.


For the protection of highly transparent, dirt- and scratch-sensitive front foils and their display windows, we offer a user-friendly and resource-saving screen printing solution. Sensitive surfaces can be protected from external influences during production by the partial or full-surface application of a peelable coating layer.The protective coating is a screen-printable medium-viscosity emulsion and can be applied to a wide range of materials by screen printing. The protective coating is water-based and coloured for better visual identification. Partial printing can protect substrate surfaces from scratches and scuffs both during processing and during delivery to the customer.

Resource-saving and easy to use

The screen-printable protective coating conserves resources and is environmentally friendly. Its application eliminates many time-consuming intermediate control steps, costs for touch-ups and additional material. The protective coating can be easily peeled off. However, it remains in place during processing. The edge of the protective layer can be lifted with a fingernail or a piece of adhesive tape, grasped and peeled off in one piece without leaving any residue.


This coating layer can be used to protect substrate films such as polyester, polycarbonate, PVC films and even printing inks. Before usage, it is important to ensure that the coating is suitable for the substrate in question and the requirements of the application.

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