Screen-printable adhesives - efficient finishing for long runs

Technical screen-printed products such as front foils and sensors can be provided with a variety of adhesives during the manufacturing process. Adhesive application can be done as a separate step after the printing process by laminating a stamped or plotted adhesive sheet onto the printed sheet by machine. Another option is to print films with liquid pressure-sensitive adhesive using a screen-printing process. In addition to conserving resources during production, liquid adhesives offer many other advantages and are particularly economical for long runs.


Advantages of liquid adhesives in the production of self-adhesive front foils and sensors. –

Advantages of liquid adhesives

The adhesive is applied partially by screen printing, so that predefined areas such as display windows, LED windows or key areas can be left out. Small radii, filigree details, fine lines and bridges as well as free-standing areas can be easily aligned with millimetre precision thanks to the exact positioning of the adhesive. This is an enormous advantage when producing complex structures.


Exactly definable adhesive thickness up to 160 µm

Since the layer thickness of the adhesive application can be precisely defined via the thread count and the thread diameter of the screen fabric, liquid adhesives can be applied much finer. For technical applications, a dry film thickness of 50 µm is usual. However, layer thicknesses of up to 160 µm are also achievable. After printing and the corresponding curing process, the adhesive is covered with a silicone paper or a film and protected this way. Afterwards, the film can be further processed as usual.


Definable adhesive thickness of screen printing adhesives. –

A suitable adhesive system

Screen-printable adhesives are usually solvent-based systems, water-based dispersions or UV-crosslinking systems. UV-curing and solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are mainly used for technical films. UV-curing pressure-sensitive adhesives enable fast processing times and are environmentally friendly in processing. Solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives are easy to print, have good surface wetting properties and are UV and heat resistant.



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