Impressively direct - screen printing on housing parts and front panels

The versatility of the screen printing process is reflected in an impressive range of possible applications. One of these is direct printing on enclosure parts and front panels.


The requirements for markings, labelling and designs on housings, front panels, control panels, type plates and other moulded parts are very high for both industrial and household appliances. These are often company logos, type designations, functional descriptions with the finest lines, symbols and lettering, which have to withstand the typical stresses and strains over a long period of time. 


Colour-intensive and durable solutions

We print housing frames and various mouldings according to your individual ideas using screen printing processes.

By using special screen printing inks and precisely adjusted screen printing parameters, excellent colour coverage and razor-sharp, colour-intensive markings are printed on your supplied housing or moulded body. The screen printing inks are characterised by high resistance to abrasion, chemicals, scratches and UV radiation. This means that the labelling remains in perfect condition for a long time, even under the toughest conditions. Whether monochrome or multicoloured: we can print your enclosure exactly according to your individual requirements. Based on HKS, RAL, Pantone colours or your colour sample, our colour metrics will also create your individual colour shade. 

From plastic to ceramic

Screen printing knows no material boundaries, especially when it comes to housing and front panel printing. Discover the variety of materials that we print directly on: almost all plastics, fibre composites, aluminium, stainless steel, wood, wood-plastic composites, carbon, glass and ceramics.

Printable shapes and formats

Housing printing using the screen printing process is a proven and versatile method of customising and labelling products and devices.

Our screen printing machines enable the printing of flat and round print objects with a uniform surface finish. The round moulded parts can be provided with circumferential decorations in round printing. The maximum print format is 1300 mm x 1000 mm x (800) mm. 


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