Training company of the year 2023

Good apprenticeship pays off - for the apprentices and for the company! For many years now, we have not only been securing the future of our company by training junior staff, but also offering the young generation the best career prospects in the professions of media technologist screen printing (m/f/d) and media designer digital and print specialising in design and technology (m/f/d).


Both professions are recognised apprenticeships in industry and crafts, last 3 years and are part of a professional apprenticeship with a dual training system. Accordingly, the apprenticeship takes place at two places of learning: in the apprenticing company and at the professional school. In contrast to purely school-based apprenticeships, dual apprenticeships offer the opportunity to put what is learned in that school into practice directly in the company. This is motivating and also increases the enjoyment of the work because you see the results immediately. On the other hand, you already gain your first valuable work experience during the apprenticeship.

Roos GmbH is awarded as apprenticing company of the year 2023.

The apprenticeships are demanding and require a lot from the young people: willpower, stamina and ambition. These qualities pay off, because we build on long-term cooperation with our qualified junior staff and therefore offer the possibility of employment after successful completion of the apprenticeship.


The Handwerkskammer for Swabia has confirmed our commitment to craft apprenticeships by awarding us the title of "recognised apprentice company 2023". We are very proud of our apprentices and are delighted about this great award!





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