Cutting print products – punching, plotting, laser cutting

The interplay of modern printing technologies and professional finishing techniques completes the individual print product. We have complete in-house production and finishing facilities and are therefore able to produce everything from a single source. Depending on the material specification and print run, we bring all materials into the desired shape by punching, plotting or laser cutting.


Cutting plotter – efficient cutting system

The blades of the cutting plotter are not only suitable for filigree self-adhesive plotter fonts, but also for a variety of different materials such as PVC, PET, Priplak and adhesive sheets. With the help of the material fixation by the vacuum suction of the cutting table, safe and precise processing is ensured. 

Thanks to the intelligent cutting system, the materials can be completely cut out after printing or also slit or grooved to a certain depth. The double tool head allows the insertion of two tools, for example a knife tool and a slitting tool in one operation.


Plotting of stickers, plotted lettering and front foils –

Laser cutting – precise and contactless

Laser cutting of front foils and membrane keyboards –

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process for cutting, engraving and marking different materials and products. The laser process itself is contactless and precise with minimal set-up effort and no intermediate step. Thus, there are no costs for the creation of a tool. Thanks to the optical recognition system, which positions the laser beam with the aid of reference points, even the smallest shapes and minimal radii can be realised without any problems. 

In addition, the process leads to a "sealing" of the cut edge due to the thermal fusion of the films. This means more protection against contamination and moisture for membrane keyboards, which consist of several layers of film and adhesive. Due to the consistent processing quality of the workpieces, the laser process is suitable for the creation of samples and individual parts as well as for series production. 

Punching – the mechanical separation process

Punching is a mechanical separation process that uses compressive force to cut or punch material into a specific shape or size. Due to the higher production speed for medium and large-scale print runs, the punching process is less expensive than other finishing options, despite the costs incurred in creating the punching tool. 

Depending on the material, we work with different forces as well as speeds and ensure efficient production with the highest precision. Thanks to the durability of the punching knives, not only front foils or stickers, but also seals and sensors can be contoured with high runs. 

With our many years of experience, we are at your side to advise you and find the tailor-made solution for your project and the associated processes. 




Stanzen von Frontfolien, Aufklebern, Dichtungen und Sensoren –


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