Exclusive business cards

Exclusive foil business cards in screen printing and digital printing

Business cards must be the most important printed product in the business world. For professionals with frequent contact with clients and business partners in particular, business cards are quite simply essential. Cards are more than just a way of providing contact details; they also strengthen the image of the company which you represent. An individualised business card creates a good impression with potential clients, and can improve the chances of them contacting you.


Are you looking for something out of the ordinary? We supply premium quality business cards in an infinite range of designs, with customised screen printing and finishing. We use special finishes and colours in sheen, matt or relief. As well as screen printing, we can also create business cards with UV digital printing - the perfect process for reproducing photos and halftone patterns. Sheen and matt finishes are also available with UV printing. A combination of digital and screen printing is also possible.


We generally use plastic up to a thickness of 0.4 mm as the base material, although other materials are also available. Our plastic business cards are amazingly durable, with only minimal signs of wear even after lengthy use. To ensure that your business cards are kept safe and protected, we also produce card cases.




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