We are expanding our range of printed electronic products

Materials based on CNT technology

Roos GmbH is expanding its capability to produce printed electronic products thanks to the CNT hybrid platform from CHASM. It means the company is able to offer its customers a wide range of trans­par­ent, conductive elec­tronic solutions.


More and more hi-tech applications have an enormous range of func­tions, which often cannot be covered using conventional input units. In addition, innovative operating in­ter­faces need to be ergonomically and seamlessly in­te­grated into devices, vehicles and machines, and made easily accessible. In order to achieve these tasks, ma­te­rials are needed that are more versatile and flexible than ever before. 



flexible conductive film with touch buttons

Conductive inks based on CNT technology

Transparent, flexible and conductive films and inks

CHASM Advanced Materials is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic materials and inks based on car­bon nanotube tech­nol­ogy. Intelligent interfaces, flex­ible touch panels, adjustable trans­par­ent antennas, elec­tro­chemi­cal sensors and transparent heating surfaces are just some of the innovative material solutions made possible by CHASM.


The AgeNT product line from CHASM is flexible, col­lapsi­ble and even thermoformable. They offer the perfect, trans­par­ent, conductive base for touch sensors, screens, buttons or intelligent interfaces. In order to make pro­duc­ing a wide range of transparent, conductive foil solutions easier, the conductive foils can be screen printed using these special inks.


Thanks to this partnership expanding the resources of both companies, new and innovative solutions can be de­vel­oped for even the most demanding customer re­quire­ments in the field of printed electronics.





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