A photo-realistic print - Screen-print -FM- raster image technology up to 1270 dpi

Screen-print -FM- raster image technology

The optimized -FM- raster image technology provides a unique and improved grid structure, combines the ex­cel­lent advantages of conventional raster techniques and al­lows for a high photo-realistic reproduction of the picture.


Unlike the amplitude-modulated screening, which pre­sents equal dot-distance but different dot-size, shows the FM-raster image the constant dot­size. The raster points are distributed arbitrary by a numerical algorithm and the brightness is steered by the number of points.


This allows a printing without a moiré effect and low print thickness. This type of screening permits photo-like image with a better detail reproduction result. The FM-screening is recommended for products with great em­pha­sis on detailed picture­representation. If you find our new FM-raster image technology interesting, get in contact with us. We look forward to answer any of your questions.





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