Manufacturing front foils in a combination printing process

The combination of screen printing and digital printing processes opens up new possibilities for the manufacturing or front foils. Customers’ special requirements for the front foil design can therefore be implemented economically and quickly.


 Besides the technical requirements for a front foil, the customer’s specific design is also a very important factor. Producing customised design with screen vignettes and photo realistic motifs is only possible to a limited extent in screen printing. To guarantee customers more freedom in designing front foils, Roos GmbH from Augsburg has added the new Thieme 3020D to its digital printing machinery.

Production of front membranes in combination printing - digital printing and screen printing

The top decorative layer of a front foil is applied to the back of the polycarbonate, polyester or PVC foil in a standardised digital printing process. As a result, not only screen vignettes but even photo prints in the finest resolution can be realised. The barrier layer is still printed in a screen printing process. This prevents the printed image from showing through and allows the adhesive to stick well.

Individual front foils in digital printing. Unlimited design possibilities.

By playing with special foils, digital printing inks and screen printing inks superb printing results can be achieved using a combination printing process. Besides the new design possibilities, the reduction of one-off costs is also a crucial advantage. Short delivery times and economic efficiency for small print runs speak in favour of the combination printing process for a number of projects.


The print result impresses in terms of both how it looks and technically. The result of extensive tests was good, consistent print quality. The front foils also passed keystroke tests, embossing tests and laminating tests. Visually the front foils impress due to their great colour fidelity and detailed photo-realistic reproduction.




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