Membrane keyboards for the hygiene-sensitive area

Membrane keyboards with antimicrobial coating

In a hygienically demanding environment, where the danger of contamination and transmission of pathogens is very large, special requirements apply to operating and entry systems. We offer customer-specific membrane keyboards with an antimicrobial coating of the front membrane.


This coating offers protection against a large number of bacteria, mould and mildew, including MRSA, salmonella enteritidis etc. If micro-organisms come into contact with the hard-coated membrane surface, the antimicrobial membrane agent splits the cell walls of the bacteria and prevents their growth and reproduction. In addition to the antimicrobial coating, the polyester membrane is resistant to solvents and chemical cleaning agents in accordance with DIN 42115, as well as to the stresses of daily use, and can thus be cleaned and disinfected without any problem.


The antimicrobial agent is already directly incorporated into the membrane coating during the manufacturing of the material. This ensures an even distribution of the agent over the entire membrane surface and offers antimicrobial protection for the whole lifespan of the material. Due to the special preparation of the material, no restrictions whatsoever arise regarding the design of the front membrane. This can still be entirely individually designed in accordance with the customer's wishes.




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