Front membranes - the real change artists

Production according to your requirement profile

The areas of application of membrane keyboards and front mem­branes range from medical technology to device and systems con­struc­tion, and right up to industry electronics. Each area of use has its own requirements in terms of the functionality and design of the input unit. In accordance with your set of requirements, we make use of the screen printing and digital printing options when producing the front membranes, and can also offer you the most varied of further processing and shaping technologies.


Front membranes in digital printing with screen gradient, glaze window, key coating

Print finishing front membranes

For technical membranes, screen printing offers a range of visual and tactile finishing options. The interaction of the membrane material with specific print colours, glazes and fade effects as well as matt, glossy and structured varnishes means that we can implement all your desires for personalisation. Combined with digital printing, colour gradients and photo-realistic motifs can also be achie­ved. 


Front membrane with clear varnish window and spacer dots

Secure finger guide and ease of use

We can use special processes to make the keys three-dimensional, making them easier to use. Embossing or die stamping the keys using an embossing tool and the action of heat allow us to shape the design membrane accordingly. As an alternative to key embossing, UV relief varnish can be used to improve the finger guide. Raised surfaces can also be applied to both the key symbols and the edge of the keys, or even the complete keys.




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