Antimicrobial screen print varnishes for protection against bacteria and viruses

Permanently sterile front membranes and other screen printing products

These days, hygiene is more important than ever. For this reason, many users are wondering whether it is possible to keep screen print products permanently sterile in the working environment. Our answer is: YES! 


Generally speaking, there are two available options. One of them is the use of materials with an antimicrobial coating, about which we have reported before here. The second option is the use of antimicrobial screen print var­nishes. These var­nishes reliably and permanently elim­i­nate pathogens and have a lasting effect on the hygienic properties of your products.

Front foil printed with an antimicrobial screen printing varnish

Mode of action of the varnish

The antimicrobial screen print varnishes contain active sil­ver components which permanently eliminate pathogens. Humidity causes the varnish to release highly reactive silver ions. These ions attack the cell activity of pathogens, prevent them from reproducing and interrupt vital processes, ultimately killing off the pathogens. 


Your benefits

  • Active ingredient eliminates more than 99.99% of pathogens 
  • Tested pathogen reduction value of > 3 log orders according to standard JIS Z 2801-2010 
  • Transparent varnish, no discolouration – the printed design is maintained
  • Not hazardous to health


The antimicrobial varnishes are ideally suited for printing on plastics or metals and for applications such as labels and stickers, promotional items, signs, displays as well as technical components.




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