Awaken dormant market potential - with screen printing effects and decorations

Print finishing in screen printing

Print finishing and special effect printing are becoming increasingly popular. Surprising visuals, a fascinating feel or a "personal fragrance" - all of this is possible with screen printing. Due to their special character, printed products generate more interest and have a more impressive effect on customers.


Thanks to its universality, screen printing is the optimum printing process for creating print effects. Classic offset products are created according to your wishes and ideas using modern, fully-automated screen-printing machines.


The special printing effects do not have any standards. There are a lot of possibilities with screen printing!



Optical effects: matt and gloss finish, metallic and pearlescent colours, daylight luminous and afterglow colours, glitter and latent image effects


Technical effects: mirror inks, paints, magnetic and blackboard paint, thermochrome colours, adhesive print, friction effect, scratch colour


Haptic effects: textured paint wood, leather, silk, relief and scented paint, embossed printing.


Effects & decorations such as prints and varnishes are on the up and are becoming increasingly popular. Why not fulfil your customers' wishes by working together with us?


If you would like to receive more information about our products, simply send us an e-mail or call us. We would be very happy to arrange a personal consultation with you.





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