Stickers in the screen printing or digital printing process

Stickers are one of the most important components in the industrial and advertising sector due to their versatile and universal use. The sticker production process which is the best for your requirements depends entirely on the respective intended use. Here at Roos GmbH, we offer you a wide choice of different stickers in both screen printing and digital printing.

Let us now provide you with a comparison of the two different methods of production.


Screen-printed stickers

Screen-printed stickers stand out due to their strength, their water resistance and their scratch- and weathering resistance. Therefore, they are mainly used in demanding and long-lasting applications. The almost limitless choice of inks and printing materials is one of the greatest strengths of the printing process, along with the durability it offers. This not only means that the standard colour systems such as RAL, Pantone, HKS, etc., but also very opaque and bright metallic colours, neon colours and finishing varnishes can be printed with screen printing. Specially mixed shades according to your wishes aren’t any problem either. The sticker format can be freely chosen, and is cut to fit exactly with our final processing options. The lower printing costs for medium and large-scale print runs mean the screen printing process is cheaper than the digital printing process, despite the costs incurred for creating the screens or setting them up.


Advantages of the screen printing process:

  • durable, weatherproof and scratch-resistant stickers 
  • bright and highly opaque colours
  • almost limitless choice of colours
  • low printing costs for medium and large-scale print runs


Stickers in screen printing, starting from medium and large-scale print runs

Digitally-printed stickers

In recent years, the production of stickers with the use of the digital printing process has gained hugely in importance, as the process convinces due to its many advantages. The transfer of the print image directly to the printing equipment, i.e. without the intermediate step of the print form production, is both time- and cost-saving. In this way, in addition to large formats, it is also possible for printing orders with small quantities, prototypes and also personalised individual one-offs to be produced. Detailed screen gradients, fine fonts or lines as well as photo designs can also be realised in the digital printing process.

The exciting thing about UV digital printing is its potential for the realisation of individualisation projects. Our digital printing equipment is also able to individualise print orders within the same run, through consecutive numbering and personalisation, for instance. We are also able to print high opacity white and spot coatings. An extensive range of films with a wide range of characteristics which are in no way inferior to screen printing films is guaranteed to leave nothing to be desired.


Stickers in digital printing, short runs from 1 unit

Advantages of the digital printing process:

  • Small print runs from 1 unit possible
  • Detailed, complex designs with colour gradient
  • Numbering and personalisation 
  • Weather and UV resistant with protective laminate


Finally, the choice of the optimum printing process depends on a number of factors, such as the number of units, the layout and/or print pattern and the intended use. At Roos GmbH, we specialise in the production of stickers using both screen printing and digital printing processes, and can therefore offer our customers the best possible printing solutions. Tell us about your requirements and specifications, and we will take care of the rest.




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