Type plates, inspection badges, anti-counterfeit labels

Industrial, production and logistics processes nowadays can hardly be imagined without labels, inspection badges, type plates and stickers. These little helpers make our logistical tasks easier, provide information and help us organise our work processes. Many companies use industrial labels not only for identification, but also as subtle, yet effective advertising messages.

Inspection badges in screen printing and digital printing from the manufacturer

Custom solutions, direct from the manufacturer

Type plates from Roos GmbH

With an individual design of, say, a company logo, company colours, special text or a QR code, the label serves its primary function and at the same time draws attention to your company. Roos GmbH is specialised in producing customer print products. You have full freedom to design the lettering, choose the colours and even decide on the shape of the label.

Permanent lettering and resistant materials

Harsh industrial environments demand top performance from the material and lettering. Resistance to oil, grease, aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures is very important in demanding applications. We provide aluminium foils or white and coloured high-performance foils capable of withstanding the external influences of such environments. As an alternative to foils, we can also directly screen print materials such as aluminium, Perspex and other plastic plates and badges. This allows us to produce type plates for rugged conditions. Lettering is either screen printed or digitally printed, depending on the batch size and set of requirements. Durability and resistance of lettering are ensured through use of resilient screen printing inks and application of protective laminates over digital prints



Inspection badges in screen printing and digital printing


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