Are you looking for packaging for your product?

Are you looking for packaging for your product?


The importance of product packaging is enormous. In addition to the primary functions such as protection, information, transport and storage, packaging represents a brand or a product. In addition, it has to look tempting and attract attention. Extraordinary packaging design encourages the customer to buy. We combine the product-specific function of packaging with chic design. We help your product to find its packaging.


Roos GmbH will gladly take over the typographical implementation of your ideas for you. Folding boxes in all customary standard forms or also in extraordinary special versions will be produced according to your wishes. Cases, boxes, envelope, business and presentation folders, decorative boxes and presentation cases – suitable for any occasion and taste! For your product packaging we process the materials PP, PVC, PET and cardboard in thicknesses ranging from 0.33 mm to 1.60 mm. The materials are available in many colour shades and with various surface structures. All sizes and forms can be sampled and produced without any problems due to the use of the most modern technology. Screen and digital prints in any desired colour and version, UV lacquering and effect prints – no limits are set on the finishing options. The digital printing process is recommended with a short run of maximum 10 pieces or with packaging prototypes. Large runs will be printed in screen prints.


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