Reconstruction of damaged membrane keypads in short-run production

Reconstruction of damaged membrane keyboards at the Roos GmbH

The failure of operating and input components in a functioning machine is always a nuisance and can lead to serious losses. Damage can be caused by short-circuits, wear or similar problems. It is in such cases often impossible to simply repair the control panel.


What should you do? Buy a new machine? No need: we have a simpler solution to this dilemma! Thanks to our long experience, we are able to use your data or faulty design to produce an entire new membrane keypad complete with membrane switches.


We can remedy all technical faults in membrane keypads as we have all components in stock. Top membrane layers and switches are produced in our plant on the basis of your specifications. The keypad graphics can be designed to suit your individual requirements. Keypads can be printed in a wide range of shapes and colours and fitted with various different snap domes to ensure the feel and layout is just how you want it. We are your one-stop-shop for all the parts and services you need - and there is an added benefit: replacement membranes can be customised, in other words we can take account of your desired design in reconstruction.


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